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CRL Langle AI-Wall System: Glass cladding makes architecture of all ages look as good as new

Take a look at London’s skyline and you will see an extraordinary amount of glass on show. That is because not only is this a material that is easy on the eye, but it is also a highly practical solution for the external cladding of all types of architecture.

Of course, Canary Wharf and the Gherkin are modern-day examples, but the same can also be said for older buildings, where glass cladding can be used as a highly durable material to protect and preserve the original work from the elements. Thanks to advancements in technology and the facade engineering landscape, glass facades are now straightforward to fit retrospectively to a building, as well as on new projects.

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Designing heat pump solutions on low temperature networks to minimise building efficiency

The landscape of our cities is evolving with the increase in high-rise, high density residential developments. At the same time, Building Regulations such as Part L are getting stricter to drive lower carbon developments and to ensure targets, such as Net-Zero 2050, are met.

As building fabric is tightened to limit heat loss through the external walls, it is becoming apparent that traditional high temperature systems do not operate effectively within a fabric first approach. Instead, the reduced air permeability has highlighted high system losses from high temperature solutions, trapping waste heat in corridors, lowering overall system efficiency and resulting in a larger than required plant to heat demand ratio.

Building Knowledge Exchange

Gaining added value from your roofing supply chain with CPDs

There are lots of elements that should form part of a successful supply chain relationship; product performance, customer service, reliability and technical support should all be part of the mix. A true supplier partnership needs to be based on much more than a transaction, with the supplier actively looking for ways in which to add value to the specifier. One of those added value activities is CPDs.

Insulation Feature

High tech insulation breathes new life into landmark

seafront building

The Victorian coastal resorts of the north west have had a fairly difficult time in recent years. The boom in fly-away package holidays in the sixties and seventies led to a rapid decline in visitor numbers and a steady fall from the graceful elegance they once enjoyed.

Blackpool soldiers on with its candy floss and kiss-me-quick hats, still drawing day trippers eager to experience the famous lights and beach side attractions.

Blackpool’s rather more genteel sister resort of Morecambe followed a different route and now hopes to see a renaissance of fortune with the coming of a major new attraction - the Eden Project North - to the towns famous bay.

Flooring Feature

The importance of specifying the correct performance floor

The correct dance floor makes an important contribution to the safe performance of dancers without the risk of slips and falls or longer term stress injuries. A good dance floor instils confidence in dancers to give full expression to their creativity, safe in the knowledge the dance floor will offer a consistent response. Harlequin Floors have developed floor specifically for dance, offering the exact requirements needed for varying genres of dance, which commercial grade, industrial and sports floors cannot.

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Making the world of windows less of a pane!

Construction is a complex industry and working with sub-contractors often involves logistical issues that can be time consuming and costly. This is especially true within the architectural glazing and facade industry, where variables such as material type, regulation and planning restrictions, and restoration requirements add to the complexity of a project and can cause a headache for those involved with the design, planning and coordination.

It is rare to find a sub-contractor that will provide expert and genuine advice throughout the process whilst also maintaining the best interests of the architect or main contractor. This is where Nuëcø Group can make a difference!

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